Slow Your Roll


Slow Your Roll…

A PSA to myself and anyone else out there who may be needing this friendly little reminder!

Slow down, stop rushing, being late is rude and for heaven’s sake stop to smell the roses.

I try and plan the following day every night before bed.  It helps me settle my mind and sets me up for success the next morning…until I sabotage that well laid out plan.

I wake up, pour my coffee and set to work.  Then, as if on autopilot, I click on Instagram, forget why I was there, get lost in the abyss and snap out in a panic.  Realizing that I have just wasted 20 precious minutes.  Of which I could have used to work my plan and been on my way to a successful and relaxing day. 

I am now rushed to complete the few items I need to get done before the kids get up, my relaxing morning of affirmations and silence is shot, I scurry to get the kids out of bed, dressed, lunches made, hair did, jump in the car and we are off… 10 minutes later than originally planned.  I am panicked, my 6-year-old is panicked, and my 2-year-old is like “MOM, I’m walking as fast as my little legs will take me.  Seriously, slow your roll.”

Not only is this scenario totally sucky for me because now I am heading into my day with a headspace of overwhelm and stress and a stomach of nerves but completely unfair to Taylor, who is now heading into her day totally frazzled.  She hates to be late and she has NO control over whether she is on time or not. 

However, I do. 

So, I am here to declare right here and right now that I will set, not only myself up for success, but more importantly, my kiddos.  They deserve to start their mornings with love, laughs and consistency.  Rather than fear, anxiety and disrupt. 

Anyone else with me?  I’d love to know, what throws you off course from your well laid plans?  Leave a comment below.