Are You De-Cluttering the Wrong Things

I had the most profound ah-ha moment the other day as I was working with a client.

We were organizing her basement, which had become the Stash and Dash room, as I like to call it. I was explaining to her that the beauty of my 5-Step System to Clearing Clutter is that it can be applied to any area of her house.

As naturally happens our conversation turned to girlie chit chat and she was telling me about an unfulfilling relationship she was currently in.

This relationship was draining and pulling her down. It was keeping her stuck, unable to move forward and pursue other things she was craving from life.

She would wake up Dull and Uninspired. She went through her day on Autopilot with this relationship consuming her thoughts.

It had gotten to the point that she had lost her Passion at Work and was Never fully Present when with Friends.

It had totally taken the Wind Out of Her Sail.

As she was talking it hit me! The very same 5-Step Process that we were using to Clear the Clutter in her Space can and should be Used in Life!

We often think of clutter as our “things”.

However, the definition of Clutter is anything in our lives that fill our minds with scatter or disorder and impedes movement or reduces effectiveness.

We need to start taking a serious look at what else, besides our “things”, are impeding our forward moment in life. In this case, it was my client's unfulfilling relationship!

Now, I am an absolute believer that we need to Clear the Clutter in our Space FIRST, so that when we do Take Inventory of our Life we are doing so with a Clear Mind.

Once we’ve created Space and Clarity in our Haven, then we can clearly begin to look outside of our “things”. Our spaces are the core and everything else follows suit.

Curious how this 5-Step System works? Let’s dive deeper…

Organize- Home-Relationships


In Our Spaces

You need to Clear Your Mind, so you can Clear Your Space.

It’s important for you to be able to Visualize your Ultimate Destination on this De-Cluttering Journey. To the point that it Lights You Up Inside.

Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Sit down with a journal and ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you most want to accomplish on this journey?

  • What will it look and feel like when you get there?

  • How did you get to where you are now?

  • What is stopping you from where you want to go?

  • How will you feel if in a year from now nothing has changed?

In Our Life

There is nothing better than sitting down with a journal and writing. Take all your thoughts and feelings and get them out of your head and onto paper. A free flow stream of consciousness.

Now take the questions from above and apply them to other areas of your life, relationships, work, and activities.

Get clear on the areas that are no longer serving you. Track it and journal it. Every day!



In Our Spaces

Now that we are clear on our Destination let’s break down the Journey into smaller bite-size pieces.

Prioritize the top 1-3 spaces that are causing you the most stress. This can either be one large project that you will tackle a little at a time or it can be 1-3 smaller projects.

The critical thing that you need to remember is, just like marathons, we are not going to run 26.2 miles right out of the gate. We need to start small, show up consistently and build those running muscles.

In Our Life

Are you prioritizing and making space for the people and activities that are most important to you?

Are you filling your life with people that inspire and move you forward or are you feeling cluttered and stuck?

mom giving piggy back.jpg


In Our Spaces

This is most often the hardest step…Getting Started.

My promise to you is that if you Show Up, Follow the System and Commit you will begin to feel Organized and Reaping the Rewards Immediately.

Remove all items from the space you are tackling. That’s right everything! Make sure to give it a good wipe down.

You need to be able to look at your space in a new way and you cannot do that without a clean slate.

It will get messier before it gets cleaner and That’s Ok!

As you clear the items Categorize them into “Like” piles.

For example…

- Books with books

- Office supplies with office supplies

- Face products with face products

If you have the same items elsewhere in your house go grab them and invite them to join the purge party. Seeing all of you items together allows you to decide what you truly need and use.

In Our Life

Are there areas of your life that could benefit from a clean slate? Most often these situations cannot be cleared overnight. People, feelings and commitments are not so easy to wipe clean in one fell swoop.

However, it’s important to begin intentionally looking at all areas of life and recognizing that you may want to make some changes.

Most of us Live our Lives by Accident. We Live as it Happens. Fulfillment comes when we Live on Purpose. ~Simon Sinek



In Our Spaces

This is where the fun begins!

This is where your vision becomes a reality. You are starting with a clean slate so make sure you are only keeping the things that are truly useful and light you up!

Grab a trash bag, donate bin and relocate bin.

Sort the items in each Category into the respective areas….

  • Trash

  • Donate

  • Keep

  • Relocate (belongs in another room or location)

Focus on touching each item only once. Do not shuffle items from here to there. Decide and move on to the next.

If you get stuck on an item, ask yourself these questions...

  • Does it fall in the “Un” Category: Unused, Unwanted, Unfinished?

  • Would I buy it again if I saw it at the store today?

  • Do I feel obligated to keep it because it was a gift?

  • Have I used it in the last year?

  • Is it worth my time to fix or sell it?

In Our Life

My Dad always said, “You know you’ve got it made when you can count your best friends on one hand.” I used to think he was crazy! I wanted to be everyone’ best friend. However, now that I’ve matured, I realize it’s the honest to goodness truth.

You don’t need to keep everyone in your life. You won’t win a medal for being on the board the longest or serving on the PTA for all 6 years. If it is not filling you with joy, let it go. Give it new life.

gallery wall.jpg


In Our Spaces

Take what you’ve decided to Keep and Contain it Based on Size. Assign it a Home, keeping the Frequently Used Items easily Accessible.

In Our Life

You’ve decided what you will Keep in your Life. Now contain it, Set Boundaries. Decide where and how the people, places and activities fit in your life.

Clear Life’s Clutter and Live Your Best Hell Yes!

Got questions? Want to share an idea? Leave a comment down below!