Before Sarah helped me I was spinning.  

My desk was so messy, there was paperwork from 2011. When that much is in disarray, my day is wasted. I found myself spending a ridiculous amount of time just looking for papers or files.  

Now I can actually see my progress. It is so empowering to be able to finish a task, file it away and be done with it.  

There are a million people who can help organize your workspace or your office. What Sarah does is give you the tools to keep the good habits.  

She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t laugh or make me feel stupid because I am an adult and couldn’t figure out how to organize my space.  

She took, what I thought would be a painful task, and made it easy. Sarah, you are a pro.  

This was truly worth the investment. If I took what I made per hour, and calculated how much time I wasted trying to find something, her price was a fraction of that. Time is money, and Sarah saves both. 

-Joel Engelman

Hi Moms and Dads, If you have ever been on the fence wondering if you need a professional organizer... YES, you do!! 

After 14 years of merging 2 homes, too many hobbies/outdoor activities and gear to count, 4 moves, arguments with my husband over why we can't see the dining room table and welcoming little ones, we really needed to declutter, organize and build in systems/process for managing clothes, gear and mail. 

I am SO SORRY I didn't call Sarah sooner. 

Sarah listened to our needs, provided a plan of attack and created systems to implement. In the end we got rid of 500 cubic feet of 'junk' and everything had a 'home'. 

It was so awesome to have someone to help me see the light and help our entire family through the process. In addition to all of the above she is about as sweet as possible, super fun to work with and nonjudgmental.  

-Katie McEntyre

Sarah helped me organize my office and my home. She is amazing! 

I feel so much better at work because everything has a place now. Life is less stressful there for sure. 

My attic has been a catch all for 9 years and it showed. She helped me find room to walk where there hasn't been and let go of items that I will never need again. 

I hope this helps someone to feel the same!!  

-Jenni Peterson

Thoroughly enjoying what feels like a ‘new home’!  

I enlisted the help of Sarah to rescue me from the clutter and piles that have been created and multiplying in my home these past 15 years--who doesn't suffer from this issue?!  

As a result, my home has been transformed into an environment of cleanliness and order - every day am so thankful for her assistance in getting to this goal I could never accomplish on my own. The before/after changes are truly amazing. 

I highly recommend XO Surroundings, not only will you be pleased with the life-changing results, you will also come to love their smiles and great attitudes.  

I promise you this will be one of the best decisions you ever made (it has been and is for me).

-Michelle O'Dorisio